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Come All You Who Are Weary And Have Faith

I’ve been thinking about faith lately. With all the things happening in the world these days, I am grateful to know Christ. But even more so, I am thankful I can put my faith in Christ! I think about those who don’t have a relationship with God. Outside of Christ, people have faith, hope, and love but their version is shakable, measurable, flimsy, and can be overcome by fear. There is no rest for their souls. Only in Christ do we have this rest and reassurance that all is not lost and God is with us in all things.

God Does Not Tempt You To Sin

God Does Not Tempt But He Will Challenge You

A photo posted by @toallyouprincesses Temptation. It is the subtle lure that draws us further from God and closer to sin. It makes us focus more on the desires of our flesh and less on the will of the Holy Spirit. Temptation can look different for each person but I’m going to focus on sexual…

A real guy honors and respects you quote

A Real Guy Honors and Respects You

A photo posted by To All You Princesses (@toallyouprincesses) Princesses, do you feel worthy of God’s best for you? Do you know your value as the King’s daughter? You may desire to be in a relationship with a guy who honors and respects you, but you first have to know that you are worthy of…

God is Beside You Every Step, Everywhere You Go

God is Beside You Every Step

Last month, I posted this on Instagram: Have you ever tried to run a marathon? It is a challenge, even for experienced runners. It can start easy, but more than half-way through, your body wants to stop and quit. It is tired. But right when you want to stop, you hear someone yell to keep…

Love Does Not Envy

Examining Love on Instagram

I wanted to let you all know that we’ve started the “Examining Love” series again… but this time on Our Instagram! It is a little different from last time, since we are examining each definition of love separately and it is not focused on relationships, but we will be taking a look at LOVE in…

Love Yourself Unconditionally

A few weeks ago I was reading Matthew 22:37-39 and noticed Jesus is giving us three commands to live by, not just two. Love God. Love Us. Love People. I had always been familiar with the phrase “Love God. Love People.” but it never dawned on me that to really “love your neighbor” is to…

You Were Born Amazing

You Were Born Amazing

I want to share this picture I made on Instagram and talk to you a little about it. The bible says God made us in His image. To some, it sounds like He wanted to make clones of Himself, but when you look at the people around you, you will find quite the opposite to…