Hey Princesses,

This is a new page we created. We’ve been praying and wanted to give you a space to share any testimonies in your life. Prayers answered, miracles, sweet gifts from the Father – anything that we can join you in giving thanks to God.

If you have a testimony to share, go ahead and e-mail us at: hello@toallyouprincesses.com with the subject line “Testimony Share” and we will post it on this page.

Thank you for sharing!


A friend of mine was asking me to pray with her because she didn’t have enough money for the rent at her apartment and a few days later, my grandma gave me a check, in my name that she found in her closet. It had been there for like 2 months or something and she randomly found it while cleaning out her closet. It was the perfect amount to cover my expenses and my friend’s rent. It was so crazy! I’m thankful to God. He always provides!

Last year, I lost my grandfather to cancer but before he died he gave me his watch. But when I moved to go to school, I lost it. It was hard, I was very close to him and I was mad at myself for loosing it. I searched for months and eventually gave up. Then I heard a sermon about God returning lost things to people and I thought, why not. I prayed God would return the watch. The next morning, I opened my backpack and it was right on top. It wasn’t possible, I looked and looked at it, and did not believe it was real. But it really was there. God gave me back my grandfather’s watch!