For sometime now God has placed it on my heart to have a series on To All You Princesses about honor so for the month of March we will be having a new series called iHonor.

About the iHonor Series

This series is special because it will be the first time the authors will not be women. We have some amazing men of God ready to write to you princesses about what God has taught them about honor and I am very excited about it.

Each week will focus on a different category regarding honor. The first will be called iHonor God. This focuses on all on God, putting Him first above everything, and what it looks like to honor Him in the everyday life.

The second will be called iHonor Others. After God, we are meant to honor those in authority, our co-workers, our family/friends, and even those we do not like. It is not always natural, but through the Holy Spirit, we are fully able and capable to honor others.

Lastly, we have iHonor Myself. This will focus on honoring God, through valuing the body, mind and spirit God gave us. It will take a look at honoring ourselves through health, our speech/behavior, what we allow to influence us, as well as, aligning our beliefs about ourselves with His truth.

I hope you all enjoy the series and I will see you in April!