It’s silly, and so random, but I wrote this poem in my journal and wanted to share it with you lovely ladies!

A Valentine's Day Poem - To All You Princesses (

You may not have a valentine
Or perhaps you do
But in any case I’d like to
Share a thing… or twenty-two

First, You should know
You are sweeter than pie
Second, God calls you
The apple of His eye

Now, you might ask
Am I only thought of as food?
Of course not, are you kidding?!
Keep reading, dude

Third, as He knows
All the stars by name
God knows your being
Every inch of your frame

Forth, you are not a “nothing”
A speck on the earth
Fifth, God gave you purpose
Before your mamma gave birth

The Creator knows you
Better than you know yourself
He never leaves you alone
Somewhere on a shelf

Sixth, He knows your hidden
Desire to be loved
Seventh, He already made plans
In the heavens above-d

Yes, I know that’s not a word
But it’s still true!
God’s thoughts are greater than yours
By infinity x two

Eighth, when the timing is right
You’ll meet your man ;)
Ninth, but today you need only
Take Jesus’ hand

Tenth, He’ll take you on adventures
Like in “Romancing the Stone”
Eleventh, He’ll kiss your cheek gently
As you text on your phone

Twelfth, He’ll hold you in His arms
As you go to sleep
The peace of Jesus works better
Than counting 100 sheep

Thirteenth, He loves it when you worship
Giving Him your all
Fourteenth, He loves it when you answer
When He calls

Fifteenth, so do not think that
You walk with no one
Sixteenth, you are adored by God’s
One and only Son

Seventeenth, isn’t that amazing?
You are loved by a King?
Eighteenth, if this were a musical
Now would be the time to sing

Nineteenth, thank God this is reality
And He really does love you!
Twenty, it’s the best Valentine’s gift
Of course, flowers are nice too

Twenty-One, thanks for reading
This little ol’ rhyme
Twenty-Two, lastly God is asking,
Will you be forever mine?


With love,

p.s. I still am unsure why I choose to spell out every number. Did you think that was odd too or was that just me? And what’s weirder is how some of the teens are spelled. Fifteenth? FIF-teenth. What kind of number is FIF?! Haha. Seriously though. English is hilarious. Don’t get me started on Twelfth…