I See God In You - To All You Princesses (www.toallyouprincesses.com)

I see God in you
Though you know Him or not

Yes, though you know Him or not
I see God in you

For the master’s touch
Leaves its imprint
In every love formed
Made in His image

You were brought to this earth
After He designed your tiny hands
Before your frame was known
He already knew your soul and

All the beauty inside of you.

Do you have any clue
Just how much God loves you?

Inside your mama’s tummy
Inside this secret place
You were loved, loved, loved
And today there is a chase

For you.

Yes, for you.

For God wants you to know
You are still loved
You are worthy of love
You are seen and known

His signature is on your soul.

Yes, I see God in you.

I see Him

In your laughter
In your hair
In your eyes
In your care

In all the trees that sway with the wind
In the sea and the creatures living within

In a moment of kindness
In a loving touch
In the warmth of a mother
In the gratitude for lunch

In the love between a man and his bride
In the forgiveness between enemy tribes

In the sigh of a child
In the joy of a dance
In the hands of a helper
In the foregoing of plans…

just to spend time with the one we love.

This is where we see God all around us.

Listen for His heartbeat
Look for His touch
Gaze into His eyes
There is no one such

as Him.

For He is everywhere we look
If we really look
If we see

For God is with you
As He is with me.

Though there is hatred and terror
Evil and sin
Pain and destruction
The veil of life too thin

Though darkness covers many hearts
Children lie on pavements, starved
Fists are raised to the skies
Warriors march on to take lives

Where is God in this mess?
Is He hidden away as we speak?
Is He avoiding the madness in our midst?
Where is He in our direst need?

To you I say
God is yet here
His thumbprint has been left

He has not turned away
His presence is near
For He has never left

He is in the hope we long for in the night
He is in the love we hold to our side
He is in the faith we have yet to see
He is in the love within our memory

I see Him in you
Though you know Him or not
For you have His eyes
You have His touch

You have a choice
It’s His gift to you
To choose a way of goodness
Or a way that pleases you

Though I must say

Pleasures of the flesh
Lead to life unsatisfied
Yet, a life of sacrifice
Is the greatest love you’ll find

If we choose to love instead of hate
We will make this a better place
If we choose to hope instead of fear
We will see God in every tear

If we search for truth
We will find Him there

We will see God everywhere.

God is with us.
He is here.

To you I say,
Do not fear.

For I see God in you.

With love,