I wrote this poem for all you curly girls like me. Also, be sure to watch “Hair Love” at the end of this post. ;)

Hey, Curly Girl
Frizzy and fabulous
Wavy and wonderful
Big hair and beautiful

Let those curls loose
They want to fly
They want to reach high
They want to


Yeah, that’s right
Go on and let them
You know why?

Because your curls are you!

Most people don’t understand curls
They think only straight hair is legit
Though it’s easier and different
I wonder where all the curly girls went?

Some stand in front of the mirror wishing
They had straight hair because it is

So easy
So silky
So much longer
So flat
So socially acceptable
So pretty

Sure, straight hair is beautiful too

But don’t forget, Wavy Wonder

your curly hair is you.

Now, don’t get all offended
While I write this poem, this song
I just want to communicate
That there is at least someone who appreciates

Your hair.


All of it.

I love all types of hair but
You see, I’m a curly girl too
Just like you

I used to believe my hair was a curse
Something to tame
My ancestors were to blame
For this


It did not help that the women I knew
Wore wigs, got perms or keratin
Perfectly controlled hair all around
I did it all too, to try and blend-in

There’s nothing wrong with any of that
If it’s a choice
If it’s you doing you

But I didn’t know even know my hair
Outside of my Brazilian blowed-out

It’s tough when you are mixed like me
I’m not white, black nor Asian
I’m all three

My hair doesn’t make sense, you know?
It’s kinda wavy here, curly there
And even straight in some parts

But now, I love it because it’s like nobody else
God designed my hair to be a work of art

I discovered there were those
Who let their real hair down
They wore waves with a smile
Like queens with their crowns

They scrunched their hair
To make it even more full
“The bigger the better,” they said

They walked with confidence
Like models or angels
I started to notice the top of my head

I stopped the keratin after ten years
And I was soon introduced
To my hair

Hello, sweet curls.
I see you growing
Strong, wild and fair

Marveling at the curls God gave me
Expanding quickly from my roots
Wait, no more keratin so now what?
All I thought was, oh shoot!

What do I do with all of this?

That, my friend, was an adventure in itself
Though I eventually discovered what to do
A little more leave-in conditioner and oil
And of course, a bobby pin or two

A scarf at night
Mousse when there’s a breeze
Knowing when it’s “Bun Day”

Trying not to sit against my hair
Otherwise it’ll flatten or
Seriously, go every which way

Hi, I’m Katya, and I’m a curly girl.

Learning how to style for my texture
Curl type 3C and low porosity
Watching Youtube videos and reading blogs
Determined to embrace me for me

Sometimes, I wear braids
Sometimes, I wear it down
Sometimes, I wear it in a bun

Sometimes, I even straighten it
Once in a while
You know, just for fun

I used to hate my hair
My frizzy and fabulous
Wavy and wonderful
Curls that I love today

I thank God for my hair.
I’m more grateful than my words
could say.

I want you to feel that freedom
Where you can wear your hair
Straight or curly, long or short
Colorful or a single shade

You can wear it high, low or in-between
Always appreciating the way it was made

Where you can play with your hair
Laugh at its character
Talk graciously to it when its being sly

Where you don’t feel embarrassed
For the way your hair grows
As it goes from wet to dry

By the way, please don’t change
Your hair to get a guy

If he can’t love you for ALL of you
Honey, he’s not worth your time

Speaking of time…

It’s time to take a journey with your hair
What is its favorite thing to do?
Work with it, love it well
Because your curls are one of the best parts of you!

You don’t believe me, do you?
Well, my friend, until you do
I’ll just keep telling you

Your hair is amazing.

It’s true. :)

With love,

p.s. This is such a sweet and funny video about hair…