Your Curls Are You - To All You Princesses (

Your Curls Are You & Hair Love Video

I wrote this poem for all you curly girls like me. Also, be sure to watch “Hair Love” at the end of this post. ;)

Hey, Curly Girl, Frizzy and fabulous, Wavy and wonderful, Big hair and beautiful / Let those curls loose, they want to fly, they want to reach high, they want to tangle. / Yeah, that’s right, go on and let them, you know why?

I See God In You - To All You Princesses (

I See God in You

I see God in you,  though you know Him or not. Yes, though you know Him or not, I see God in you. For the master's touch leaves its imprint in every love formed, made in His image…

Let Us Run - To All You Princesses (

Let Us Run

Can we run? O Church, will we run?
Run together, Hand-in-hand, Away from the hate, To a heaven land
A place where we can discover, Where dreams speak aloud, A place to dance, jump, wonder, Where life was first given sound

The Promises Of Your God - To All You Princesses

The Promises of Your God

God makes promises. His promises are life to those who have forgotten how to live. His promises are hope to those who have been crushed in defeat. His promises are a gift to those who have been robbed of much. His promises are kept and never leave His mouth without fulfilling its purpose. Have you…

elieve it or not, You Are Beautiful - To All You Princesses (

Believe It or Not, You Are Beautiful

Hey, you! Yes, you there, trying to hide your face behind all that make-up and your body under those perfect clothes. I see you and you are beautiful. Without all of it. You are beautiful before you put on the right outfit. You are beautiful before you do anything to your hair. You are beautiful…

God Calls You This

God Calls You This

A few days after returning from Brazil, God gave me this poem and I am going to share it with you all. I’m praying it encourages you and breaks any lie you have heard or believed about yourself. Your words do not define me. Your labels are not who I am. I am not my…


Poem: The Story of His Children

God gave me this poem and I’d like to share it with you lovely girls. It’s a little long but I hope you enjoy it. There was a girl Just turned eighteen When her boyfriend Bought her a diamond ring He told her they did not Need to be wed Before living together And sharing…