Attitude Speaks Louder Than Words

Attitude Speaks Louder Than Words

It’s all in the tone, the way you say it. It’s in the care, the way you do it. It’s the intention, the why behind what you are doing. We can do the actions, say the words, “walk the Christian walk” (so to speak) but how’s our attitude? Princesses, God is looking at your heart, not just your good behavior.

Being Brave

Lately, I have noticed a pattern in the media revolving around being brave – a pattern I like to call “The Movement of Awakening Courage”. From Disney’s movie “Brave”, to Taylor Swift singing “Shake It Off”, you can see empowerment is everywhere. Do you remember the Sound of Music? I used to love that movie…

iHonor Series: iHonor Others

iHonor Others

I feel privileged that Katya has asked me to share with you some of my thoughts on what it means to honor others. The more that I thought about the topic the more I realized, honoring others is pretty darn hard! It’s like a three way game or rock, paper, scissors; God and others are…

Love is Kind - April & Chris

Examining Love: Love is Kind and Not Rude

It’s not often that I find myself thinking, “Hm. I could either be really kind right now, or really rude”. Kindness vs. Rudeness isn’t so much a situational thing as it is an everyday lifestyle thing. That is what I think can make it so easy to gradually slip out of an attitude of kindness…