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Let Us Run

Can we run? O Church, will we run?
Run together, Hand-in-hand, Away from the hate, To a heaven land
A place where we can discover, Where dreams speak aloud, A place to dance, jump, wonder, Where life was first given sound

Being You vs Bringing You - To All You Princesses

Being You vs Bringing You

Lately I’ve noticed I tend to struggle with being independent and trying to do it all on my own. I’m not good with asking for help, reaching out, letting other’s strengths help me in my weakness. It’s bad, I know. The body of Christ is all about inter-dependence, not independence. Meaning, we are individually ourselves,…

iHonor Series: God

iHonor God

My name is Michael and I feel honored to have been asked to share some thoughts about honoring God. I know I have not always done it well, but I also know that deep in my heart there is a consistent desire to “esteem, to highly value, to regard with great respect” (definition of “honor”)…

Selfie by Dove

“Selfie” by Dove

YouTube is awesome but the ads can be a little annoying sometimes right? It feels like FOREVER for that 5 second countdown till you can click “Skip This Ad” and can FINALLY watch your video. So, I was about to watch a video the other day and this ad came on of this girl taking…

Little Girl Admiring Herself in the Mirror

You Are Not Ugly

Today I posted “You are not Ugly” on Instagram. Some people may laugh at this and think “Of course I’m not ugly! I’m beautiful. ” Then that’s great and I’m so glad you see yourself as beautiful. No, I’m talking to you girls, the ones who can’t even look at their face in the mirror.…