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I Wish I Could Erase The Things I Have Done

Regret can be a prison for the mind. “If Only” comes around and goes around and speaks to the places you hurt, where you feel weak, alone, scared and it tells you if only you had chosen differently, maybe things would be better. Maybe if you had made different choices God wouldn’t be so disappointed. Maybe you wouldn’t have hurt so many people. Maybe you would be successful by now. Maybe you would be married. Maybe you wouldn’t feel alone. If only… if only you could erase the past and do it all over again.

The Promises Of Your God - To All You Princesses

The Promises of Your God

God makes promises. His promises are life to those who have forgotten how to live. His promises are hope to those who have been crushed in defeat. His promises are a gift to those who have been robbed of much. His promises are kept and never leave His mouth without fulfilling its purpose. Have you…

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“Stix and Stones” by HillaryJane

One thing I don’t like about some music today is the message it send out to people. Some songs promote revenge, lying, partying, having lovers, hatred, and the like. It is unfortunate but thankfully, there is hope. There are artists who have decided to rise above the norm and present encouraging, empowering, and positive messages…

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The Naked Truth: A Shout-out to Moral Revolution

Moral Revolution is a movement that seeks to shine light on the truth about purity and sexuality. I first heard about this ministry at a Jesus Culture conference five years ago. They had a booth set up and they were giving out buttons that simply said “Moral Revolution: The Naked Truth About Sexual Purity”. When…