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What Do I Have To Offer God?

My friends were all good at something. Adriana could play the viola and piano. Tessa was the best swimmer on her swim team. Hannah could speak French. Sophia was incredibly smart-witted and hilarious. Then there was me. I couldn’t play any instruments, couldn’t sing, I tried to be funny, I spoke American fluently… if that counts, and apparently everyone knew not to ask me to be on their team in P.E.

Then I started going to church.

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The Leap of Faith and Christian Mingle

Have you seen this movie called “Christian Mingle”? I watched it last night on Netflix with my grandma and surprisingly it wasn’t one of those super cheesy Christian movies. Alright, there was a bit of cheese, but basically it’s about Gwyneth, this single, 30-something year old woman who signed onto Christian Mingle (a dating site…