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I See God in You

I see God in you,  though you know Him or not. Yes, though you know Him or not, I see God in you. For the master's touch leaves its imprint in every love formed, made in His image…

Let Us Run - To All You Princesses (www.toallyouprincesses.com)

Let Us Run

Can we run? O Church, will we run?
Run together, Hand-in-hand, Away from the hate, To a heaven land
A place where we can discover, Where dreams speak aloud, A place to dance, jump, wonder, Where life was first given sound

He Makes Everything Beautiful

This blog was always meant to be a place where I could encourage you. A place where I could teach you what God has taught me. A place to remind you of your identity in Christ, for the days you may forget who you are. I was not prepared for the days when I would…

Being Brave

Lately, I have noticed a pattern in the media revolving around being brave – a pattern I like to call “The Movement of Awakening Courage”. From Disney’s movie “Brave”, to Taylor Swift singing “Shake It Off”, you can see empowerment is everywhere. Do you remember the Sound of Music? I used to love that movie…


Living in Grace

Hi again, Princesses! My name is April, and I’m a good friend of Katya’s. (Remember me from the Examining Love series?) I’m so excited that Katya asked me to write to you girls again; having a little voice in your lives is an honor I don’t take lightly at all. When I found out that…

Autumn Park Bench

If You Cannot See, Then Close Your Eyes and Listen

I love the holidays. Getting together with family, the amazing food, remembering good times, all of it is delightful. But I also know the pressure family/friends can bring. Some ask what my plans for the future will be, others have opinions on what I am doing now, and sometimes, topics come up that target where…

Tim Hawkins - Girls vs. Boys

Video: “Girls vs. Boys” by Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins is one of the best Christian comedians I know of! He has lots of YouTube videos out there (and *cough cough* I’ve probably seen almost all of them). Today, I wanted to give you a good laugh by sharing one of his videos where he talks about the difference between girls and boys.…

Examining Love Series - To All You Princesses

Intro to Examining Love Series

For the month of March, we will be starting our first series called “Examining Love.” Four different wives/fiancés will be writing to you based off of the scripture 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. I broke that scripture up into eight different statements and gave the women two statements each (e.g. “Love is Patient and not Easily Angered”).…