Attitude Speaks Louder Than Words

Attitude Speaks Louder Than Words

It’s all in the tone, the way you say it. It’s in the care, the way you do it. It’s the intention, the why behind what you are doing. We can do the actions, say the words, “walk the Christian walk” (so to speak) but how’s our attitude? Princesses, God is looking at your heart, not just your good behavior.

Thou Shalt Rest - To All You Princesses

Thou Shalt Rest

I’ve not been the best at writing to you girls. I’m sorry about that. We’ve been in the process of moving and traveling and it’s been a crazy couple of months. It’s all good things, just very tiring. Lately, because of all the shifts in our life, I’ve had to revisit my values. I’ve been…

God Calls You This

God Calls You This

A few days after returning from Brazil, God gave me this poem and I am going to share it with you all. I’m praying it encourages you and breaks any lie you have heard or believed about yourself. Your words do not define me. Your labels are not who I am. I am not my…

Dealing with Rejection Series Part 3

Dealing With Rejection (Part 3)

We are now at the last post for the series “Dealing with Rejection”. Click HERE to view the full series. Rejection can be your protection. Understanding that rejection is not always an “attack” against you can help you to see it as an opportunity, and ultimately as God’s protection in your life. Surprisingly, rejection can…

Dealing with Rejection - Part 2

Dealing with Rejection (Part 2)

Last week, we took a look at how rejection can be an invitation to Christ, knowing the door to Him is always open. If you missed that post, you can read it HERE. This week, we are going to explore how to keep your identity secure and strong when faced with the winds of rejection.…