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What Do I Have To Offer God?

My friends were all good at something. Adriana could play the viola and piano. Tessa was the best swimmer on her swim team. Hannah could speak French. Sophia was incredibly smart-witted and hilarious. Then there was me. I couldn’t play any instruments, couldn’t sing, I tried to be funny, I spoke American fluently… if that counts, and apparently everyone knew not to ask me to be on their team in P.E.

Then I started going to church.

The Promises Of Your God - To All You Princesses

The Promises of Your God

God makes promises. His promises are life to those who have forgotten how to live. His promises are hope to those who have been crushed in defeat. His promises are a gift to those who have been robbed of much. His promises are kept and never leave His mouth without fulfilling its purpose. Have you…

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The Pressure to Please People

I was talking with a friend the other day and told her how I have been worried about my job. Since the car accident, I have not been able to work as many hours as usual and I was worried my clients would be frustrated I am not able to meet their deadlines. She was…


Love Lessons: My First Relationship

Looking back at the year 2014, I wanted to share with you an area of my life where God did some tremendous training – my first relationship. Being in a relationship is a lot different than we are conditioned to believe. Many TV shows and movies portray relationships that involve drama, lying, betrayal, and love…

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If You Cannot See, Then Close Your Eyes and Listen

I love the holidays. Getting together with family, the amazing food, remembering good times, all of it is delightful. But I also know the pressure family/friends can bring. Some ask what my plans for the future will be, others have opinions on what I am doing now, and sometimes, topics come up that target where…

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Valentines Day: Not Just A Day For Romance

Hi Princesses. My name is Nadia and I am Katya’s mom. I am writing to you today because my angel (Katya) has pneumonia so please keep her in your prayers. Today, I am going to talk to you about Valentine’s Day, which is a “holiday” I did not like. You see, because I was single…