My Body Is Not My God - To All You Princesses (

My body is not my god.

God sent me to Asia in April on a mission trip but before going, He told me to fast. It was a liquid fast and low-sugar. When God asked me to do this kind of fast in spiritual preparation for my trip, I was actually quite stoked. Just me and God! Together, battling the forces of nature, bringing my flesh low so my spirit could soar. Yes. I could not wait!

Ha. That was before it started.

Vegetables in Thick Bottomed Stockpot

Simple Recipe for Homemade Stock

In my previous post, we shared a delicious recipe called “Quinoa & Baked Veggies“. Part of the recipe calls for either water or stock. You can definitely buy stock from the store, but since its so easy to make, I tend to just make it at home. In this post, I’d like to share with…