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I See God in You

I see God in you,  though you know Him or not. Yes, though you know Him or not, I see God in you. For the master's touch leaves its imprint in every love formed, made in His image…

What Do I Have To Offer God? - To All You Princesses (www.toallyouprincesses.com)

What Do I Have To Offer God?

My friends were all good at something. Adriana could play the viola and piano. Tessa was the best swimmer on her swim team. Hannah could speak French. Sophia was incredibly smart-witted and hilarious. Then there was me. I couldn’t play any instruments, couldn’t sing, I tried to be funny, I spoke American fluently… if that counts, and apparently everyone knew not to ask me to be on their team in P.E.

Then I started going to church.

Fear or Faith - To All You Princesses

Fear or Faith

Since I was in middle school, I’ve had a secret desire to start my own bible study. I loved the idea of girls coming together, reading together, and sharing their lives with one another. Bible studies to me were like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants… but better. Still, even though I’ve wanted to do…

Dealing with Rejection Series Part 1

Dealing with Rejection (Part 1)

Today I am going to start a new series called “Dealing with Rejection”. Rejection has many faces. It showed itself in the moment you discovered the school application you sent out was denied. When your friends made plans and forgot to invite you. When your crush ignored your friend request on Facebook. When you were…

Moral Revolution Banner

The Naked Truth: A Shout-out to Moral Revolution

Moral Revolution is a movement that seeks to shine light on the truth about purity and sexuality. I first heard about this ministry at a Jesus Culture conference five years ago. They had a booth set up and they were giving out buttons that simply said “Moral Revolution: The Naked Truth About Sexual Purity”. When…

Always Campaign - Like a Girl - Girl throwing baseball

Video: Always #LikeAGirl

I just discovered this awesome campaign by Always called “#LikeAGirl”. It’s about the insult “like a girl” that many people use to bring down a girl’s self-confidence. This movement they have started is to restore confidence in young girls and let them know that being a girl, and doing things “like a girl” is awesome.…

Happy 1st Anniversary to TAYP!

It has been quite a year! When I first started this blog I did not consider myself to be a writer. I only knew I had been given a dream about writing a blog for girls/women. Thankfully, I am a web designer and knew how to make that happen on the technical side, but in…

Tim Hawkins - Girls vs. Boys

Video: “Girls vs. Boys” by Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins is one of the best Christian comedians I know of! He has lots of YouTube videos out there (and *cough cough* I’ve probably seen almost all of them). Today, I wanted to give you a good laugh by sharing one of his videos where he talks about the difference between girls and boys.…

Teddy Bear Gifts

Valentines Day: Not Just A Day For Romance

Hi Princesses. My name is Nadia and I am Katya’s mom. I am writing to you today because my angel (Katya) has pneumonia so please keep her in your prayers. Today, I am going to talk to you about Valentine’s Day, which is a “holiday” I did not like. You see, because I was single…

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New Year Dreams (not just Resolutions)

Welcome to 2014! Welcome to new goals, new relationships, new opportunities, new ways to express yourself and new dreams. The beginning of every year tends to makes us reflect on our previous year. What did I accomplish? What could I have done better? What major events happened? It’s easy during this week to look back…