Your Curls Are You - To All You Princesses (

Your Curls Are You & Hair Love Video

I wrote this poem for all you curly girls like me. Also, be sure to watch “Hair Love” at the end of this post. ;)

Hey, Curly Girl, Frizzy and fabulous, Wavy and wonderful, Big hair and beautiful / Let those curls loose, they want to fly, they want to reach high, they want to tangle. / Yeah, that’s right, go on and let them, you know why?

Little Girl Admiring Herself in the Mirror

You Are Not Ugly

Today I posted “You are not Ugly” on Instagram. Some people may laugh at this and think “Of course I’m not ugly! I’m beautiful. ” Then that’s great and I’m so glad you see yourself as beautiful. No, I’m talking to you girls, the ones who can’t even look at their face in the mirror.…