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Come All You Who Are Weary And Have Faith

I’ve been thinking about faith lately. With all the things happening in the world these days, I am grateful to know Christ. But even more so, I am thankful I can put my faith in Christ! I think about those who don’t have a relationship with God. Outside of Christ, people have faith, hope, and love but their version is shakable, measurable, flimsy, and can be overcome by fear. There is no rest for their souls. Only in Christ do we have this rest and reassurance that all is not lost and God is with us in all things.

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Let Us Run

Can we run? O Church, will we run?
Run together, Hand-in-hand, Away from the hate, To a heaven land
A place where we can discover, Where dreams speak aloud, A place to dance, jump, wonder, Where life was first given sound

When God Gave Me Some Really Good News - To All You Princesses

When God Gave Me Some Really Good News

This morning was wild. I woke-up with my mom telling me she had to take my godmother to the hospital because she was experiencing extreme vertigo. Five hours later, my mom returned only to get a phone call from my grandma telling us she thought she might be having a stroke. It turns out she…

The Promises Of Your God - To All You Princesses

The Promises of Your God

God makes promises. His promises are life to those who have forgotten how to live. His promises are hope to those who have been crushed in defeat. His promises are a gift to those who have been robbed of much. His promises are kept and never leave His mouth without fulfilling its purpose. Have you…

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If You Cannot See, Then Close Your Eyes and Listen

I love the holidays. Getting together with family, the amazing food, remembering good times, all of it is delightful. But I also know the pressure family/friends can bring. Some ask what my plans for the future will be, others have opinions on what I am doing now, and sometimes, topics come up that target where…

Restored Family

God Wants to Restore Your Family

“God Wants to Restore Your Family” is what I posted on Instagram this week. Now when I say “restore,” I’m not talking about just bringing separated parents back together or siblings moving back home, although I’m not saying He won’t do that either. I believe God wants to do something deeper than just physically restoring…

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New Year Dreams (not just Resolutions)

Welcome to 2014! Welcome to new goals, new relationships, new opportunities, new ways to express yourself and new dreams. The beginning of every year tends to makes us reflect on our previous year. What did I accomplish? What could I have done better? What major events happened? It’s easy during this week to look back…