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When Giants Are Living In Your Promised Land

God has been having me focus on the book of Hebrews lately. I like digging deeper and studying books of the Bible, letting my heart wrestle with different passages, pondering the words of God, and giving the Holy Spirit space to teach me His word.

As I study Hebrews this week, there is one particular passage I can’t seem to get over. It’s the last two verses of chapter three.

Magazines, Kings, and What Happened At Seventeen - To All You Princesses

Magazines, Kings and What Happened At Seventeen

Have you ever felt like people really looked up to you? That you were admired, influential, and let’s face it, downright popular? Yeah, I wasn’t that person in middle school. I was an official GERD: a geek/nerd. I was not cool, by any means, but there was a big desire in me to belong. Actually,…

Oak Tree In Full Leaf In Summer Standing Alone

When I Learned to Have Joy in My Suffering

The seed contains the blessings of life. It is so small, so frail, yet it produces vegetables, fruit, trees, flowers – all wonderful nutrition from which we thrive. However, does the seed know this when we plant it in the ground? Does it understand how strong and beautiful it will be after its season under…