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It’s Time To Let People Help You

It can be so hard to accept help. Especially, for strong, Christian women who know God is with them. We can do all things through Christ, we don't need you. Thank you. But friends, there's a lesson to be learned about the ways of pride.  You see, pride is sneaky. It disguises itself as independence, a positive, good thing. Yet, is independence really God's way?

Being You vs Bringing You - To All You Princesses

Being You vs Bringing You

Lately I’ve noticed I tend to struggle with being independent and trying to do it all on my own. I’m not good with asking for help, reaching out, letting other’s strengths help me in my weakness. It’s bad, I know. The body of Christ is all about inter-dependence, not independence. Meaning, we are individually ourselves,…

iHonor Series: iHonor Others

iHonor Others

I feel privileged that Katya has asked me to share with you some of my thoughts on what it means to honor others. The more that I thought about the topic the more I realized, honoring others is pretty darn hard! It’s like a three way game or rock, paper, scissors; God and others are…