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I Wish I Could Erase The Things I Have Done

Regret can be a prison for the mind. “If Only” comes around and goes around and speaks to the places you hurt, where you feel weak, alone, scared and it tells you if only you had chosen differently, maybe things would be better. Maybe if you had made different choices God wouldn’t be so disappointed. Maybe you wouldn’t have hurt so many people. Maybe you would be successful by now. Maybe you would be married. Maybe you wouldn’t feel alone. If only… if only you could erase the past and do it all over again.

Thou Shalt Rest - To All You Princesses

Thou Shalt Rest

I’ve not been the best at writing to you girls. I’m sorry about that. We’ve been in the process of moving and traveling and it’s been a crazy couple of months. It’s all good things, just very tiring. Lately, because of all the shifts in our life, I’ve had to revisit my values. I’ve been…

Magazines, Kings, and What Happened At Seventeen - To All You Princesses

Magazines, Kings and What Happened At Seventeen

Have you ever felt like people really looked up to you? That you were admired, influential, and let’s face it, downright popular? Yeah, I wasn’t that person in middle school. I was an official GERD: a geek/nerd. I was not cool, by any means, but there was a big desire in me to belong. Actually,…

A real guy honors and respects you quote

A Real Guy Honors and Respects You

A photo posted by To All You Princesses (@toallyouprincesses) Princesses, do you feel worthy of God’s best for you? Do you know your value as the King’s daughter? You may desire to be in a relationship with a guy who honors and respects you, but you first have to know that you are worthy of…

Restored Family

God Wants to Restore Your Family

“God Wants to Restore Your Family” is what I posted on Instagram this week. Now when I say “restore,” I’m not talking about just bringing separated parents back together or siblings moving back home, although I’m not saying He won’t do that either. I believe God wants to do something deeper than just physically restoring…

Little Girl Admiring Herself in the Mirror

You Are Not Ugly

Today I posted “You are not Ugly” on Instagram. Some people may laugh at this and think “Of course I’m not ugly! I’m beautiful. ” Then that’s great and I’m so glad you see yourself as beautiful. No, I’m talking to you girls, the ones who can’t even look at their face in the mirror.…

Royals by Lorde

You are Royals

I was looking on iTunes today and the second top single is “Royals” by Lorde. Have you heard it? I have, everywhere. It’s pretty catchy, makes me bob my head, and sway a bit too. But if you really listen to that beginning chorus, it starts with “And we’ll never be royals. It don’t run…