How God Wants Us To Dress

How God Wants Us To Dress

I am not going to write about modesty. I feel like it’s important to clarify that, in case you thought I was going there because of the title of this post. I’m all for modesty but I’m sure you, like many others, have grown weary of people telling you to dress like a nun because it’ll be fun. However, this post is about the way God wants us to dress. To be honest, it is more important than the clothes we wear.

Love Yourself Unconditionally

A few weeks ago I was reading Matthew 22:37-39 and noticed Jesus is giving us three commands to live by, not just two. Love God. Love Us. Love People. I had always been familiar with the phrase “Love God. Love People.” but it never dawned on me that to really “love your neighbor” is to…

Little Girl Admiring Herself in the Mirror

You Are Not Ugly

Today I posted “You are not Ugly” on Instagram. Some people may laugh at this and think “Of course I’m not ugly! I’m beautiful. ” Then that’s great and I’m so glad you see yourself as beautiful. No, I’m talking to you girls, the ones who can’t even look at their face in the mirror.…