Your Grades Do Not Define You - To All You Princesses (

Your Grades Do Not Define You

It’s been on my heart recently to talk to you girls about your grades. Whether you are in middle school, high school, college I want you to know that your grades do not define you.

I’ve talked to girls who are so stressed about their grades they have trouble sleeping at night. They need that A+…

The Undeserving Gift of Peace - To All You Princesses

The Undeserving Gift of Peace

I have been overwhelmed again. This year, I have been praying for God to give me more clients in my job because it has been a hard year financially. I was hoping that maybe He would give me a new client every other month; I need a space between clients because of the workload. Unfortunately,…

Dealing with Rejection Series Part 3

Dealing With Rejection (Part 3)

We are now at the last post for the series “Dealing with Rejection”. Click HERE to view the full series. Rejection can be your protection. Understanding that rejection is not always an “attack” against you can help you to see it as an opportunity, and ultimately as God’s protection in your life. Surprisingly, rejection can…