I’ve started various social networks for TAYP that I’m really excited about. It’s like we are becoming social butterflies…

Social Media Butterfly

First, the Facebookers! What you will get on our Facebook page is updates from all our different social networks: Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr and some updates about what we are doing here at TAYP. For those of you with Facebook, Like Our Page!

Secondly, the Tweeters! Our Twitter page will be little tweets that us tweeters will tweet for you twiddlers (say that 10x fast). If you enjoy tweeting, or twittering on Twitter Follow Us @toyouprincesses!

Thirdly, the Tumblers! Tumblr is really awesome, especially for photos. Our Tumblr will pretty much be a larger version of our Instagram. If you like following people on Tumblr, not in a stalkish way or anything, then Follow Us!

Lastly, the Instagrammers! My ultimate favorite, as you already know since I wrote an entire post where I told you how much I love Instagram. (Flashback to that moment). So if you are anything like me, and LOVE Instagram, Follow Us @toallyouprincesses, Like Our Pics, or just Leave Smileys on Every Photo.

Think we should start an account on another social network? Let us know! :)