Classic Yellow PeepsWith Easter coming up, I am sure most of you have already begun seeing the little plush bunnies sold in the check-in line at the store, the plastic eggs filled with Jelly Beans, huge cellophane-covered Easter baskets and of course, the classic yellow Peeps. But today I would like to remind you of what Easter is really about. Jesus. It’s about remembering Jesus and His love for us.

God loves His creation, us mere humans, and has never wanted to be separate from us. But the first two humans to walk this earth, and walk with God… jesus_vs_satan they made a choice, they choose death over life and that choice cost us the experience of living as one with God. Thankfully, God knew what was going to happen and He had a plan already put into place before the beginning of time. He, himself as a man, would come down to our level, walk among us, and sacrifice himself for our sins. He died our death. Then, He rose to life 3 days later, and death was defeated once and for all.

In His sacrifice, we now have access to complete wholeness, health, restoration, love, life, freedom etc. and we can walk with God again, for all of eternity. Nothing can or will ever separate us again from the love of God. (Romans 8:38) Easter is remembering the greatest show of love this world has ever seen or has yet to see, and it was done on your behalf, on my behalf, and for every person that has and will walk this earth. (John 3:16) So, as you see those bunnies, jelly beans, and peeps remember there is a greater meaning to this amazing day we call Easter, and you live freely and in love because of it.

This is a really powerful video on God’s love for us: