Thanksgiving DinnerI love the holidays. Getting together with family, the amazing food, remembering good times, all of it is delightful. But I also know the pressure family/friends can bring. Some ask what my plans for the future will be, others have opinions on what I am doing now, and sometimes, topics come up that target where I have been hurt/am hurting, and it is never fun. I often wonder why during this season that is supposed to be filled with joy and celebration, can instead be a time when so much pain is caused.

God asks us throughout His word to be careful of the words we speak and to choose our words wisely. Words have the power to bring life or death. (Prov. 8:21) If you have been around family/close friends, you may know exactly what I mean. The ones we are closest to can bring us the most joy and the most sorrow, and many times, the root of it comes back to what was spoken.

Yet, as important as it is to be aware of what we speak, I think it is just as important to be aware of what we listen to.

The Atonement Child - Francine RiversI just finished a book by Francine Rivers called “The Atonement Child”. It is about this girl named Dynah who had been raped and became pregnant and her journey through that time. She was a Christian girl who knew God, yet throughout the book she was in a state of turmoil because people were telling her what she should and shouldn’t do with this unborn child. It isn’t until a time in the book when she separates herself physically from them that she finally has peace and hears from the one person whose opinion matters most, her beloved Jesus. From that moment on, she may still have been in the environment of chaos, but inwardly her mind was at ease because her trust was in God’s words, and not in the words of those around her.

Many times we make choices that are not grounded in what we want, but influenced by the fear of disappointing those around us.

Princesses, as you journey with the King, know that there is going to be a constant battle against your intimacy with Him. People are going to say things that are opposite of His truth, to get you to doubt in His word and second-guess who He is and what He says about you. The enemy has a goal of getting your heart and focus as far away from God as possible. Here is the good news: He who is in you is greater than He who is in the world! (1 John 4:4)

When you cannot see ahead, then simply close your eyes and open your ears.

When life is tough and even when life is great, run to Jesus. I mean it Princesses, run with all your might into His arms regardless of what your life looks like. Maybe like Dynah, it takes physically getting away from your situation to have quiet time with God. Whatever you have to do to hear Him, let His words be the foundation you stand upon.

Even if someone has told you, “I am only telling you to do this because I really want what is best for you”, nobody can love you more than Jesus. What He believes is best for you, truly is what is best, because He knows what your future looks like and how the decisions you make today are going to influence your life tomorrow. Trust in Him. He knows what He is talking about.

Autumn Park BenchRemember who God is:
When you are scared, He is your protector.
When you are alone, He is your comfort.
When you are tired, He is your strength.
When you are lost, He is your guide.
When you are overwhelmed, He is your peace.

Remember who you are:
When people say you are nothing, He says you are everything.
When people say you are ugly, He says you are beautiful.
When people say you aren’t smart, He says you have His wisdom.
When people say you can’t, He says you can.
When people laugh at you, He delights in who you are.

Princesses, wherever you find yourself during this holiday season, remember Jesus and remember that His word is truth, wrapped in love, and delivered with a promise.

Have a beautiful day!