A few days after returning from Brazil, God gave me this poem and I am going to share it with you all. I’m praying it encourages you and breaks any lie you have heard or believed about yourself.

God Calls You This

Your words do not define me.

Your labels are not who I am.

I am not my parents, my friends or some health condition.

I am ME.

A Child of the King

A Masterpiece, Made Wonderfully

I Am Beautiful.

Do you know this too?

Or are you your ADD, your Cancer, or your Hepatitis 2?

Tell me my friend. What has been said?

You say: I am a Mistake, a Burden, and Should Be Dead.

Ugly. Gross. Stupid. Fat.

I’ll Never Be Them. I’ll Never Be That.

Failure. Ruined. Horrible. Dirty.

Nobody Will Ever See Me As Worthy.

Always Invisible. Never Enough.

I Am The One Parents Warn Them Of.

Murderer. Thief. Cheater. Liar.

I Am Depressed. I Am Tired.

Stop. Please tell me, who said these things? I want to know the one who called you names.

Oh no, you say, these I already knew. There was no one who had to tell me the truth.

It was how I was born and from choices I made. There is nothing I can do now to change.

If my life is not perfect, I am to blame. Now, I must learn to live with the shame.

Truth! I say, what truth is this? I never once heard those names from God’s lips.

His words are truth. His words are real. His words are meant to bring life and heal.

From your voice I hear the pain in your heart, and how this will surely tear you apart.

Allow me simply a moment of your time and I will share a new kind of rhyme.

The title is “God Calls You This“, so listen closely and not a word you will miss.

God Calls You This

God calls you Beautiful. God calls you Flawless.

Because of Jesus, sweetheart you are Spotless.

Child. Friend. Justified. Redeemed.

God calls you the Fulfillment Of His Dreams.

Dead To Sin. Alive In Christ.

Worthy Of The Highest Price.

Loved. Holy. Accepted. Free.

God calls you Royalty.

Righteous. Forgiven. Beloved. Wise.

God calls you the Delight Of His Eyes.

Temple of His Spirit. Abundantly Blessed.

Loved From The East To The West.

Member of His Body. Citizen of Heaven.

God calls you Made to Perfection.

Confident. Peaceful. Bold. Healed.

Always Protected By His Shield.

Chosen. Whole. One With Christ.

God calls you The Love Of His Life.

So, you see my friend, now the truth has been told. May you believe these words till you are grey and old.

Never again accept those lies, that came to kill, destroy and blind your eyes.

Receive God’s love. Receive His Grace. Look into His eyes and into His face.

He wants only you, for it is you He adores. Give your life to Him and you will be the same no more.

With All My Love,

John 8:32

Then, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.