I wrote the letter below a few days ago because God has been speaking to me recently of surrender. I love to think my life is really my life, but as He has been reminding me, I am not my own. This contract is my way of re-surrendering my life to Christ.

I wanted to go back 10 years when I first gave my life to Christ and remember that girl who so effortlessly said, “Lord, I don’t know who you are, but I want to know you. Will you teach me about you and use my life in the way you want?”

The contract I wrote is simply my own words to God today; a personal statement that expresses to Him my desire for Him to be my Lord and to live the kind of life He’s called me to live. I hope it inspires you to sing your own song of surrender to the King.

May God give us both grace and wisdom to walk as His Princesses.

All my love,

My Contract To Christ

Lord Jesus, within my heart is a contract to you.
It was given the day I said, “I Do.”
Read these words and know my ways.
Help me to always surrender and obey.

To Him whom knows me,

I submit my life to you. I will do what you ask of me, without complaining or grumbling or allowing anger to rise up in me towards you. I will give up the title of Leader Of My Life and accept the title of Your Follower. I willingly give you my time and will not deny the ways in which you want to use it, nor will I argue if your agenda does not match my own. On the days when trouble comes, I will choose to seek your counsel first before those around me. If you provide for a need, I will not forget to show gratitude to you.

Prayer will be a fluent language in my life.

When persecution is present, I will decide not to create an enemy of the persecutor, but will forgive and work towards seeing them through your eyes and not my own. For this is pleasing in your sight. Though there may be times of blindness and walking into unknown territories, I will not trust my senses but will trust your voice and allow faith to grow within me. I accept that this life is not easy and will require denying my flesh, saying no to things I desire.

I choose to be joyful and see the beauty you’ve made in every day.

I will not hide you from others. I will not allow fear to rule my life. I will remember the Body of Christ you have made of us and will edify, love, and per your direction, correct my brothers and sisters, and will in turn receive those gifts with grace. I will not mock the gospel or speak against those whom are serving you. Every time I place a brick onto the wall around my heart, I give you permission to remove it and challenge me in vulnerability.

I will trust you are a greater Protector than I.

You are my first love. When you speak in a way that is convicting, I will not ignore your warnings or discipline, but will obey your instruction for I know you do all things in love and for your glory. I will not idolize, become jealous of, or criticize people who you have entrusted with much, but will praise you for how you use them and praise you for how you use me. When I see or hear of a person in need, I will remember your compassion towards me, and will extend the same gift to others.

I will remember your love.

If I feel any moments of rebellion arise within me, I ask you to remind me you are Lord, in any way you desire to remind me. I choose not to give in to temptation that leads to sin and death. I will not let any person, whether man or woman, turn me from you or make me forget your love for me. I will not try to do things on my own.

I am your servant, as much as I am your daughter.

It will continue to be my desire for my eyes to see as you do, my ears to hear as you hear, and my emotions to reflect your heart. I will not assume I know all things, whether spiritual or natural, and will expect everyday there will be something new you want to teach me.

I will tell people about you and what you have done in my life.

I will seek you daily.
I will wait for you.
I give my life to you.

When I fail to meet the promises mentioned, I ask for grace to renew this contract with you as many times as needed. I know you know me.

Let me never forget, I am human and you are God.

The One Whom You Love