Long Line Valentines DayHi Princesses. My name is Nadia and I am Katya’s mom. I am writing to you today because my angel (Katya) has pneumonia so please keep her in your prayers.
Today, I am going to talk to you about Valentine’s Day, which is a “holiday” I did not like. You see, because I was single most of my life, the only thing I enjoyed about Valentine’s Day was watching the desperate look on the faces of the men, who waited until the last minute to get a present for their lady, standing in long lines at See’s Candy store.Teddy Bear Gifts I especially liked watching the men who picked up one of those generic teddy bear baskets sold on every street corner of Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day, thinking that their lady will think it is an original present. I guess it is the thought (even if it is last minute) that counts.

I always avoided looking or putting too much thought into Valentine’s Day because I did not want to be reminded that I did not have anyone to celebrate it with. Well Princesses, I am here to tell you that being sad, depressed, or avoiding the thought all together is a poor way to spend Valentine’s Day. Thinking I did not have someone to celebrate it with was so wrong.
Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love. Not just romantic love between couples, but the greater picture of love. So let me ask you, what is true love?

Lady in GardenWe, as females, are born to be the loving, tender side of any relationship. Did you know that the Holy Spirit is described as the female side of God? Did you also know that when God made woman, he made her to be love? However, as representatives of love, we must first find and experience true love, which is the love of our heavenly Father. Then, and only then, can we completely love others and ourselves.

God is the creator of love and when we spend time getting to know Him by praying, reading the bible, and just talking to Him, we learn what true love is. When we learn what true love is, we will never look for a guy to fill the void that only God can fill.

Only God can fill you with joy, happiness, and complete you. A guy’s role in your life is to love, support, befriend, encourage, partner with, believe in, and protect you. He is not responsible for your joy, healing, wholeness, happiness, or completion. That is way too much pressure for a guy. If you put that weight on him, he will surely disappoint you; after all, he is only human.

So take time to allow God to fill you with joy, happiness, healing, and completion and never look to a guy to fill, make you happy or “complete” you. When you do that, your love for everyone else, including yourself, will be beautiful, fulfilling, and lasting. So celebrate Valentine’s Day, not just as a romantic day but as a day celebrating love in all its forms.