It all started on Sunday. I woke up that morning to a whisper in my ear. The voice said, “Daughter, give me this day. Turn off your phone, your computer, and your TV, and let me plan today.” With the haze of sleep still over me, I rubbed my eyes and asked if this was really God. I mean, turn off even my phone? What if there was an emergency or something? I was a little skeptical. But again, I heard His voice. He wanted my day. He wanted all of me. This was only the beginning of my journey.

It is hard to admit, but at first, it was tough not having my devices on. It made me realize just how judgmental I had been. You see, sometimes I can be critical of how much time people spend with LED light shining onto their faces. Girls sharing headphones“Put your phone down and actually spend time with that person!” is usually what crosses my mind when I see two friends hanging out, and both on their phones. However, I had to ask God to forgive me because honestly, I am in no position to judge. Just like them, I am either typing away or touching a screen during most of my day.

Anyway, let me continue telling you my story…

I shut down my devices and said, “Okay God, everything is off. Now what?” Instantly, this idea came to mind to finish my laundry. Normally, when I have things to do, I find myself unintentionally procrastinating because of constant notifications/reminders on my phone, which I have to give my attention to, but consequently, I also allow them to take precedence over my daily schedule. However, Sunday was different. With no distractions in my path, I quickly finished my laundry and instead of turning to a screen, I sat and listened for my next clue to where God was guiding me.

By this time, it felt weird to have not checked my phone. However, each hour that went by, I felt increasingly filled with peace and less concerned about notifications or trying to stay connected with the world. As I was thinking about this and how nice it was to be so focused, I then had this sudden desire to go for a walk.

As I strolled along, I had a question come into my mind. I wondered about what it looks like when God rests. I decided to ask Him, so I said, “The bible says you created the world in 6 days, but then rested on the 7th. What exactly did you do? I mean, you ARE God. You can do anything. So, what did you do when you rested?” You know what He said? He told me He took that time to enjoy what He had made. He simply delighted in His creation. That was incredible!

Girl on a WalkI wanted to follow what He did and so on my walk, I looked up and admired the changing leaves of Autumn, the cool breeze blowing around me, and the beautiful clouds He had formed in the sky. It had been a while since I had just stopped to enjoy how He made the day. I missed that.

My grandma, driving across the street, noticed me walking and pulled over to say hello. It was the perfect timing since I was starting to get tired. I decided to get in the car and we went to lunch. We had such a great time together, talking and sharing a meal. I could not believe it though. If I had left earlier or later, she would not have seen me. God had me go on a walk at just the right time.

The day continued in this way, not knowing what the next hour would be like, yet constantly listening for God to guide me in His agenda. It was fun and liberating and I found I had accomplished so much more than I usually do in a day.

During this past week, I have continued to give God freedom to plan my days and it has been really amazing. (Although, I have kept my phone and computer on, since I need both for my job.) Truthfully, at first, giving up control about how I wanted my day did scare me a little. Even so, as my days continued being so rich with God’s presence, I decided, from now on, I wanted this to be my lifestyle, allowing Him to schedule my day His way.

Woman Writing ListI was tired of having regret at the end of the day because I did not accomplish what I originally set out to do or finding I did too many things and was exhausted the next day, or sometimes, simply doing things I wish I had not wasted time on.

God was teaching me to divorce my to-do list and get married to His schedule. I came to the conclusion that, contrary to what I felt at first, all this was not about turning my screens off and getting a break from technology. Although, that was probably very healthy for me to do. No, this was about something bigger. Jesus knocked on the door to my heart because He wanted this part of my life. He wanted my schedule. He wanted my day. He wanted me to make the choice between staying in control and giving up control.

This was not about to-do lists, this was about letting Him direct my life, and trusting in His choices. Personally, that is a leap of faith for me. Father and Daughter Holding HandsYet, during this week, a crazy, incomprehensible peace kept wrapped around me, like a blanket on my shoulders. It was as though He was showing me that if I chose Him, He was not going to allow me to be vulnerable and walk out this new journey, without wrapping His love around me and walking beside me in each moment.

Princesses, I challenge you to give your days to God and give Him the freedom to direct your steps in all you do. You might be thinking, “Katya, that is just how God is with you, not with me. I do not think He would do that with me.” Can I just say, are you not also His beloved daughter? Does He not also love and adore you and desire to be apart of every moment in your days? Princesses, He loves each of us tenderly and dearly and He is jealous for all of us. You did not read this on accident. Right now, this is an invitation for you to start having adventures with Jesus!

ForestMy little poem for you today…

Be courageous.
Have no fear.
He is with you.
He is near.

Know that His way is
Always good and true.
Open the door to Him
He is waiting for you.

Have an amazing week!


Psalm 37:4-5 (NLT) –

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires. Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you.