Princesses, do you feel worthy of God’s best for you? Do you know your value as the King’s daughter? You may desire to be in a relationship with a guy who honors and respects you, but you first have to know that you are worthy of that honor and respect.

It does not matter what your past looks like, or even what your present situation is, Jesus has looked into your eyes and said “Beloved one, you are made perfect in me.” God knows your value. He died for you because He knows you are WORTH it. Do not let the enemy trick you into thinking your actions define who you are. Your identity is in Christ and by His grace, you are without a blemish, as white as snow.

If a guy cannot see the princess before him, then he does not deserve you. Let me just say, you are allowed to have high standards. Actually, you should! God is not intimidated by your heart’s desire for an amazing guy. It is not impossible for Him, even if you might think so. While you are learning to be a princess, he is learning to be a prince. But be patient, and wait for the guy who can see what Jesus sees, a princess worthy of honor, respect, and unconditional love.

May you fall more and more in love with God every day.


(Romans 12:10 ESV):

Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.