God makes promises.

His promises are life to those who have forgotten how to live. His promises are hope to those who have been crushed in defeat. His promises are a gift to those who have been robbed of much.

His promises are kept and never leave His mouth without fulfilling its purpose.

Have you forgotten, O weary one, the promises of your God?

The Promises Of Your God - To All You Princesses

The promise of strength
The promise of a future
The promise of hope
The promise of rest
The promise of power
The promise of wisdom
The promise of endurance
The promise of provision
The promise of victory
The promise of peace
The promise of salvation

The promise of life

How great it is to remember the promises we have, and how easily we forget.

Disappointment, Failure, Defeat, Pain, Chaos- they all cry, “Look at me! I am more important. Look at me! God has abandoned you. You are alone. Look at me! He is nowhere to be found!”

All Lies.

Lies sent to kill, steal and destroy our relationship with God.
Lies to make us forget Him.
Lies to make us forget His promises.

Yet, it is difficult to see a lie as a lie when a lie feels very much like the truth.

The enemy is good at His job, which is why he is called, the great deceiver.

God is better at His job, which is why He is called, the great Redeemer.

There may be struggles you are going through…
Chaos going on in the world…
Confusion about your future…
Battles being fought by the ones you love…
Promises you have yet to see fulfilled…
Days when obedience to God is painful…
Burdens piled upon your shoulders…

But in the midst of it all…

Do not forget, O weary one, the promises of your God.

He is faithful to keep His word.
He never lies.
He is the way, the truth, and the light.

Do not forget, O weary one, who is your God.

The Israelites spent more time in chaos then they needed to because they forgot their God. The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. The God of Israel.

The God of Today.

Jesus is not a myth, He is not a fairy-tale, and He certainly is not simply a man who did good deeds.

He is a loving, powerful, Almighty God who walks in truth and life and brings us out of the darkness and into His glorious light. He is God the healer, who binds up our broken hearts and by whose stripes we are healed. The God who is in control of all situations and who works all things together for good for those who have been called according to His purpose.

It is this very God who is on your side, and when God is for you, there shall be none against you.

Have you forgotten, O weary one, the promises of your God?

Be strong. Be courageous. The Lord your God is with you.

He will give you strength.
He will give you a future.
He will give you hope.
He will give you rest.
He will give you power.
He will give you wisdom.
He will give you endurance.
He will give you provision.
He will give you victory.
He will give you peace.
He will give you salvation.

He will give you life.

Lift up your eyes, O weary one, and remember the promises of your God.

With Love,