Ask Me Anything - To All You Princesses (
Ask Me anything and I will do
Everything you ask Me to

If it’s My will then it will be done
Get ready to be amazed at My Son

He will do impossible things
For He is the King of Kings

After His resurrection, He sat on His throne
At My right hand, He is now at home

Together with Our Spirit, we join as one
Me the Heavenly Father, Holy Spirit and My Son

Sweet daughters, just ask, don’t be afraid
Being My children, you have it made!

You have a God who listens to your voice
You have a Father who quiets the noise

I know you need My peace, in your heart and mind
I am here to quiet the storm, with My love divine

Come to Me with questions and all your fears
Even if you whisper it, I will still hear

You are not an embarrassment; I love your quirks
I laugh and delight in My beautiful piece of work

I want to show you just how much you mean
By giving you keys to the realm unseen

You have the authority through My Spirit in you
To walk in My name, and bless the many and the few

It is not about the numbers, nor about time
My Kingdom was created with a different design

You see, the little things matter to Me
From the sigh of a child, to the sparrow in her tree

From women who only know her chains
To the bumblebee who has been caught in the rain

I see and know all of My creations
Even you My child, I know better than your relations

Your mama and papa don’t know you like I do
Though they were the ones who did conceive you

I formed you before you came into her womb
You were imagined first by Me in the Inner Room

Don’t you believe I am familiar with all your ways?
Don’t you believe for you, I sent My only Son to the grave?

For I love you My dearest, O I love you so!
There is such a desire in Me for you to know

Just how much you are loved and how I see
Every request in your heart, for your family

For the people around you, for the nation you are in
For the deliverance of your troubles and of your sin

For guidance, direction, and grace to begin again
I know your mind, spirit, and your soul within

Do not think I am angry, passive or very recluse
Baby, you are so tightly held you could never break loose

I hold you with such love and such devotion
You, My dear, have always been chosen

Chosen to be loved, chosen to be whole
Chosen to be wonderful, and have a healed soul

This is My desire, to make you one with Me
So you may experience how the truth sets you free

I AM the I AM, The Majesty on High
I abide in You, not in a castle in the sky

I am with you, My daughter, do not be afraid
I will not leave you as in the water you wade

You will not drown nor will you go under
For My hand will sustain you, with power like thunder

A flash of light will follow you everywhere you go
For when you go in My name, My light will flow

All around you, inside you, to people on the street
Miracles will happen as you abide in Me

They’ll ask you why you are this way
Tell them, “It’s Jesus, I just obey.

How pleased I am in you, Child of Mine
How you desire to do My perfect will, and in My perfect time

You will ask and I will hear you
You will seek and you will find
You will knock and I will open
For My love is always kind


Be not afraid

For I am with you

If you hold to My hand

You will see impossibility


Happen through you.

I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. – John 15:5