With the start of a new school year, a million thoughts have been running through my head – most of them filled with some vanilla-flavored doubt and topped with a cherry of fear. I’m realizing that these thoughts or feelings are neither my friends nor reality, even though this anxiety feels so real. Lately, I have felt the imposter syndrome, as though I do not belong at my university. Everyone else is brilliant and then there’s me, asking silly questions and already overwhelmed with the work… and it’s only been two weeks. How can I survive four months, 12 months, or two years here? I think about it and I crumble. It’s impossible.

My Feelings Are Not The Truth - To All You Princesses (www.toallyouprincesses.com)

Though I feel this fear, I am choosing to speak the truth:

The Lord is near, this I do know.

I am loved, I know this too.

Jesus has helped me in other impossible situations, I can remember them well.

Has my God ever given me more than I can handle alone? Yes, all the time.

But with Him? I can do all things.

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:7

  • I declare that my feelings are not the truth, and what I see and feel is not the truth. Only Jesus is the truth.
  • My hope that all will be well is knowing God has always been with me, will always be with me, and whatever comes my way, He will be there with me too.
  • My heart may be fluttering but I will lift my hands high and give Him praise on this day.
  • My knowledge may be lacking but I serve a God of infinite wisdom and understanding who is able to make known to me the things I fail to understand.
  • Others may see things I do not, but God has created me to see with a unique viewpoint and the ability to celebrate the differences.
  • My identity is not in my grades or experience but in who God has called me to be: a warrior princess in His army.
  • God has more in store than I can imagine and will reveal His love and glory to the people on my campus.
  • I am with Him and He is with me.

This is the good news.

Princesses, you may be feeling similar things or facing other thought-battles, and I may not be able to take away your feelings of panic, fear, or stress but I encourage you to turn to the One who can replace those things with peace, rest, and love and show you the marvelous ways in which He is ready to use you where you are. God’s thoughts and ways are forever greater and higher than ours. There is so much more to come, which is why we face the battles that we do. Be encouraged, my sisters, and look to Jesus and listen to His voice. We can only do these things He has called us to with Him and through Him.

May God give us grace to run this race with excellence, but mostly, to run it with Him, every step of the way.

God bless you.

With love,