Just recently someone told a friend of mine some awful things about how she looked. She has been working on building confidence in herself and how God made her, but it only took those few words to make her forget who she was. Unfortunately, this story is common among so many of us. We try to stay strong in who God says we are, but then people begin to tell us who they think we are and we loose sight of the truth. Like the girl whose parents tell her she is worthless. Bullies who scream “UGLY” at their latest victim. The friends that tease and joke about how you look, without knowing how much it actually affects you. The little comments people make that poke at right where your confidence is lacking. Or maybe it is the silence you have felt, where you have never been told that you are beautiful, loved, or valued.

Happy Woman on Bike in OceanSometimes, the ones we love the most can hurt us the most, but what gives us hope is the God who loves US the most can heal us the most. Later that day when my friend talked with me, she told me that even though those comments really hurt her and she started becoming really self-conscious and worried what people would think of her, she heard God tell her that she was not fat or ugly, but beautiful and He loved her exactly how she was created. This made her realize that she was not going to let somebody’s words define who she was, instead she decided to turn her ear to what God was saying about her and trust in His words.

Sara Haze Album CoverI think that is an amazing story of God’s intimate love towards us. He cares how we think about ourselves! Princesses, if you are just not feeling great about yourself today, and need some reminding about how amazing you are, I want to encourage you by sharing one of my favorite songs called “Lovely” by Sara Haze.