God gave me this poem and I’d like to share it with you lovely girls. It’s a little long but I hope you enjoy it.

There was a girl
Just turned eighteen
When her boyfriend
Bought her a diamond ring

He told her they did not
Need to be wed
Before living together
And sharing a bed

Afraid he would leave
She said ok
He moved in her stuff
The very next day


He was excited
And so was she
But still she felt
A little uneasy

She ignored it and
A month went by
She said she was happy
But that was a lie

He was always there
Yet she felt so alone
His touch did not satisfy
The need of her soul

She loved him and
He loved her too
But she needed more
She searched for truth

Buddhism, New Age,
Drinking tea, Eating Dhal
She felt like she had
Now tried it all

Young girl with laptop

Until her neighbor
Gave her a CD
A mix of songs about

She listened once
It made her cry
She listened again
And she knew why

Her father had left
When she was ten
She never once
Saw him again

Yet this God
Called her daughter
Sacrificed everything
To be with her forever

His only son
Died for her sins
Then three days later
Was alive again

It was all for love
All for her
This gift she knew
She did not deserve

She fell to her knees
And wanted to pray
But she was not sure
What she should say

Praying woman hands

She went to her neighbor
Knocked three times
The door was opened
By a man in all white

She did not know him
But he knew her name
Said he knew
The reason she came

Something about him
Made her feel safe
So she walked inside
Her neighbor’s place

Then suddenly the man
Shone like the sun
She could not move
She could not run

He simply said
“Have no fear,
My name is Jesus”
Then he drew near

He held her close
Joy filled her heart
Understanding this was
Only the start

girl with Jesus

Then He vanished
As quick as He appeared
But not before He whispered
In to her ear

She was beloved
She was free
He loved her from now
Till eternity

She went home excited
Began to sing
When her fiancé came home
She told him everything

He thought she was crazy
It could not be true
God does not just show up
Out of the blue

He left the house
Went for a walk
When an old lady asked
If he wanted to talk


He sat on a bench
Feeling defeated
This was worse than
If she had cheated

He told the lady
His mom was a teacher
Who only wanted him
To become a preacher

She would beat him with a bible
Had so many rules
Till one day he ran
Away after school

Got a job and met a girl
Now they live together
But he is scared because
She sounds like his mother

The old lady put
A hand on his shoulder
But when he looked her way
She was no longer older

With skin like velvet
And piercing green eyes
She looked like she was
An angel in disguise

Surprised he asked
Who was she
“A friend”, she said
“To help you see”.


She touched his eyes
And he saw a vision
Of angels and Jesus
And even of heaven

Awaking he started to
Cry in his hands
The lady then
Proceeded to stand

With eyes full of tears
He asked her to stay
She only smiled
Then walked away

He felt a wave
A rush of peace
God’s presence brought him
To his knees


There he gave
His heart to Christ
Promised to follow
All the days of his life

He returned home
Loved by grace
To his fiancé’s
Smiling face

Fifty years later
They tell it again
The day they became
God’s children

The End

Psalm 23:6

Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the house of the lord forever.