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Rejection can be your protection.

Understanding that rejection is not always an “attack” against you can help you to see it as an opportunity, and ultimately as God’s protection in your life.

Surprisingly, rejection can help you to learn, grow, and become happier in you life going forward. A good question to ask yourself before allowing yourself to suffer the effects of rejection is: How is this rejection protecting me? Rejection does not always have to be negative. You can use rejection as a way of making you look inward and improve upon yourself. Take any rejection and find at least one thing that you can take away and learn from.

Girl Stressed on InterviewLet’s say you went for an interview at a job and the hiring manager said you were not a right fit for the position. After leaving the office, you could say to yourself, “Did I do my absolute best to be prepared? Maybe I could have been more assertive in my speech today; I will work on that and try again next time.” Turning rejection into a learning experience not only keeps your attitude more positive, but also protects you from pain setting in and keeps you from becoming a victim. The quicker you let go of something and move on, the less it hurts and the more empowered you become.

Another form of protection is the one God sends. He has a good plan for your life, but God’s plan does not always look the way you imagine it. His version of “good” does not mean everything is going to go perfectly. Instead, it means, if you walk on the path He sets before you, goodness will come from it – whatever that looks like.

God’s goodness may mean you get turned down from twenty job interviews, because that twenty-first interview is the job that He has set aside for you. Maybe you have tried the whole dating scene and you haven’t found “the one” yet, but what you do not realize is that God has your prince coming and the rejection you feel now is protecting you for him. Maybe you have been hurt by the words and actions of a close friend in your life and they have rejected you. Sweet princesses, even then, God has a good plan for you. You may have to leave those friends because He wants to send sisters to you that will encourage you, come along side you as you walk with Him, and will love you for who you are.

Woman Leaping At SunsetThe key is to get up and try again. Never let the fear of rejection keep you from taking risks. Something God taught me was it takes as much courage to surrender to Him while feeling victorious as it does to trust Him after a defeat. When you feel discouraged, ask God for courage because princesses, you were made to arise and shine!

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Isaiah 60:1

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.