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I See God in You

I see God in you,  though you know Him or not. Yes, though you know Him or not, I see God in you. For the master's touch leaves its imprint in every love formed, made in His image…

I Wish I Could Erase The Things I Have Done - To All You Princesses (www.toallyouprincesses.com)

I Wish I Could Erase The Things I Have Done

Regret can be a prison for the mind. “If Only” comes around and goes around and speaks to the places you hurt, where you feel weak, alone, scared and it tells you if only you had chosen differently, maybe things would be better. Maybe if you had made different choices God wouldn’t be so disappointed. Maybe you wouldn’t have hurt so many people. Maybe you would be successful by now. Maybe you would be married. Maybe you wouldn’t feel alone. If only… if only you could erase the past and do it all over again.

Your Grades Do Not Define You - To All You Princesses (www.toallyouprincesses.com)

Your Grades Do Not Define You

It’s been on my heart recently to talk to you girls about your grades. Whether you are in middle school, high school, college I want you to know that your grades do not define you.

I’ve talked to girls who are so stressed about their grades they have trouble sleeping at night. They need that A+…

What Do I Have To Offer God? - To All You Princesses (www.toallyouprincesses.com)

What Do I Have To Offer God?

My friends were all good at something. Adriana could play the viola and piano. Tessa was the best swimmer on her swim team. Hannah could speak French. Sophia was incredibly smart-witted and hilarious. Then there was me. I couldn’t play any instruments, couldn’t sing, I tried to be funny, I spoke American fluently… if that counts, and apparently everyone knew not to ask me to be on their team in P.E.

Then I started going to church.

Magazines, Kings, and What Happened At Seventeen - To All You Princesses

Magazines, Kings and What Happened At Seventeen

Have you ever felt like people really looked up to you? That you were admired, influential, and let’s face it, downright popular? Yeah, I wasn’t that person in middle school. I was an official GERD: a geek/nerd. I was not cool, by any means, but there was a big desire in me to belong. Actually,…


Happy 2nd Anniversary to TAYP

I’m excited! Today, we officially finished our second year at TAYP. Also, I’m surprised we made it this far. In 2013, when God asked me to start this blog, I promised Him I would do it only for a year. That’s all. One year. There were so many times I wanted to stop writing that…

God Calls You This

God Calls You This

A few days after returning from Brazil, God gave me this poem and I am going to share it with you all. I’m praying it encourages you and breaks any lie you have heard or believed about yourself. Your words do not define me. Your labels are not who I am. I am not my…

He Makes Everything Beautiful

This blog was always meant to be a place where I could encourage you. A place where I could teach you what God has taught me. A place to remind you of your identity in Christ, for the days you may forget who you are. I was not prepared for the days when I would…

Dealing with Rejection Series Part 3

Dealing With Rejection (Part 3)

We are now at the last post for the series “Dealing with Rejection”. Click HERE to view the full series. Rejection can be your protection. Understanding that rejection is not always an “attack” against you can help you to see it as an opportunity, and ultimately as God’s protection in your life. Surprisingly, rejection can…

Dealing with Rejection - Part 2

Dealing with Rejection (Part 2)

Last week, we took a look at how rejection can be an invitation to Christ, knowing the door to Him is always open. If you missed that post, you can read it HERE. This week, we are going to explore how to keep your identity secure and strong when faced with the winds of rejection.…